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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Simultaneously Therapy and a Problem I NeedTherapy For

That says it right there.  

It's such a beautiful combination of a problem solver and a problem creator.  

I almost hate to tell new guys how much it will worm its way into your soul and consciousness.  

The black belt comes with its own set of issues and problems.  Its own ever deepening web of complexity, sorrow and just occasionally enough....freedom.

I mean, really, you could camp out at any belt i suppose, and decide not to progress, and just be where you are and not address your problems and weaknesses and shrug your shoulders when you get tapped or passed....and maybe some people can do that.  Maybe some people like tents.

Me, I go nuts if I have to go to plan b.  If a grip gets broken.  If a sweep isn't oh-so-tasty and smoooooooth.  Every damn detail has to be perfect, and guess what?  THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  I'm on a one-way train to madness and YOU CANT MAKE ME GET OFF. 

It's my train, dammit.

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